There’s hope left

Join me in celebrating as three jackasses fail to cut lines on the iPhone 3G release day. Nothing makes me quite as angry as people cutting lines. Assuming your time is more valuable than other people’s time is just about the most arrogant thing one can do, in particular when you do it to multiple people. It’s almost as bad as giving a bad talk. If you could not invest 5 hours of your time and rather wasted 1 hour of 30 of us, you have just said (for an entire hour) that your time is worth at least 6 times more than ours. You’re either very important, or an idiot. There are more idiots in the world than important people, so the copernican principle applies. Chances are you’re an idiot.

One commenter put it best: the only way I could have respected you more is if you had kicked him in the nuts.


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