VisTrails tutorial at SciDAC

Last Friday, Claudio and I gave a VisTrails tutorial at the SciDAC conference, and I spent around an hour talking about how to make your own software work with VisTrails. The slides are online — PDF, PPT, and keynote tarball (anyone knows a good way to save a keynote talk natively into a single file?)

The conference itself was at the hotel we stayed: a place that charged $8 for a 16oz bottle of water and has wake up service that goes “Good morning Dr. Silva. It is currently 58 degrees out, and partially cloudy. The newspaper has already been delivered to your door, and is there anything else I can do for you?” In other words, DOE program manager-style, not grad student wearing crinkly shirts and flip-flops :). The tutorials, however, were at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA and yes, the cafeteria is as good as what everyone says. During the afternoon, I had intended to attend the VisIt tutorial, but I got caught up talking with Roger Barga and looking at demos, and missed most of the tutorial (even though Hank and Sean were nice enough to install VisIt for me on my laptop). Sorry guys!

If you happen to be around Seattle, go to Belle Epicurean and get some coffee. If you’re anywhere close, go there anyway. Don’t let that goofy pretentious website fool you, it’s a perfect little place in the same building as the hotel we stayed, and it actually cost less than Starbucks-oh-please-don’t-burn-my-coffee-yet-again. Even though they don’t tell you on their website, they have coffee – and it’s the best I’ve had.


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