Eventful day

This week I’m out of town again visiting JPL to work with Eric Gurrola, Giangi Sacco and Mark Simons on making VisTrails work with their interferometric synthetic aperture radar software (in short INSAR). Tomorrow we’re flying to Stanford for the last couple of days of this workshop where we’ll talk about the stuff we’ve been doing.

JPL is by itself awesome, and just so happens to be 10 miles away from the biggest quake in SoCal in 14 years. Things started shaking, and next thing I noticed I was hiding under a table. Eric, who was on the phone, (and has been living in California for a long time) didn’t even stop the conversation, just moved under his desk. About 20 seconds after, things stopped shaking as hard, with only a few jolts for the next minute or so. And then everyone went back to work.

The second event of the day was the (non)-arrival of my brother in Salt Lake City. He was supposed to arrive around 7:30PM, but he happened to be on the plane that blew a tire on JFK this morning. The plane made a safe emergency landing, and he’ll eventually get to Salt Lake City (Nando, if you’re reading this, send us email! We don’t know what flight you’re going to be on!)


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