Vis 2008 getting started

Vis is just getting started, and from here until Friday there’ll be 50 papers on 12 sessions. I cannot possibly write about all of those, but I’ll to get at least one post per session I attend.

Next year’s Vis – Atlantic City (!) I guess Long Island was deemed too boring… Arie Kaufman is talking a little bit about it, acknowledging Hanspeter Pfister’s work on VGTC. Hanspeter is stepping down, and Amitabh Varshney will become the new head of VGTC. During Pfister’s tenure we got full-color proceedings and many new sponsored events – Amitabh has big shoes to fill. Now ads for EuroVis and Pacific Vis, and vgtc’s website, with talks, slides and (nice) presentation videos.

Service awards: Ken Joy, John Stasko, William Ribarsky, John Dill – for folks organizing last year’s conference. David Laidlaw got the technical award, for multivariate data visualization. David gave a really short, low-key talk, and it struck how good the figure he had from his undergrad years looked. It was a really simple isosurface visualization of an even simpler function, but the figure looked good.

Larry Rosenblum got the lifetime award. Rosenblum did a lot of early work in Vis – I just learned he was involved in the first ever Vis conference, so this is more than deserved. He also happens to be our guy at NSF, and his award was appropriately given for sustaining the longevity of the field, or some phrase to that effect. However, I can’t help but think he’s giving a vis talk without vis – pictures, Larry!

We got a break because of AV issues, so I’ll stop here and resume for the keynote.


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