IEEE Xplore, you suck

How hard is it to get an online paper repository right? Not too hard, since the ACM manages just fine. The IEEE online repository of papers, IEEE Xplore, just got revamped, and if you thought it was bad before, now it has become amazingly horrible. Half the links from google are now broken, and the whole “let’s-build-your-PDF-on-the-fly-with-scary-copyright-warnings” thing is just ridiculous. Hint hint – you will get traffic if you make things easy to get to. As it is, I just end up going to the authors’ websites.

IEEE, let’s make a deal. You come up with an online delivery system that doesn’t suck — say, move all the papers from Xplore back to the ACM Portal, and I’ll become a member.



2 responses to “IEEE Xplore, you suck

  1. I’m not a big fan of ACM portal, either, though. Unlike IEEE Suxplore, it at least works. My beef with ACM Portal is that the search engine is utter crap. Absolute garbage. They would be far better served by just throwing a Google site search at it, which does actually work for searching it. Any search engine over a document collection like this that does not return a document where the title matches the query verbatim should be shot in the head and left to rot in the desert sun.

    Loving your blog, btw.

  2. carlosscheidegger

    Thanks –

    I always just use “ paper i want” on google and it’s a great search engine for the ACM Portal 🙂

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