Of ridiculous brands and phallic logos

Dell has been talking about a MacBook Air killer for a while, and today they unveiled the Adamo series of laptops. You see, Adamo apparently means “fall in love with”. So that’s why they decided they have to yell “DELL ADAMO LAPTOP” in all caps in the website title, because we would all fall in love with that. And who doesn’t love expressionless model zombies holding laptops in ridiculous positions? Oh, and the Adamo is also heavier and more expensive than the MacBook Air.

Is every other tech company besides Apple utterly clueless when it comes to marketing? Did Dell realize that Apple was having their iPhone event today? Did they think they’d Apple’s thunder with B&W pictures of skinny girls on designer dresses and omg-you-can-buy-matching-designer-handbags? It has to be like phallic logos, where the whole test audience goes silent thinking “Is no one else seeing the PENIS”?

(Yes, this is the post that ends a 2-month hiatus. I’ll talk about work once I have that figured out.)


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