Why do sites even have passwords?

Every time I have to log in to a reviewer website I forget the password. I simply hit “reset password”, which takes me through a mostly-pleasant challenge-response kind of email exchange. So the question I have is: why do we even have passwords for these sites anymore? Can’t an email exchange be the default authentication mode? With cookies, the credentials can live for a longer time anyway, and this neatly pushes the password problem to the email account.


One response to “Why do sites even have passwords?

  1. I did a review a while ago for a journal where they sent me a link with a long alphanumeric code that took me directly to the review form, no login required.

    For reviewers (as opposed to editors), there is little point in having to log in. It’s not like you’re going to hang out on the review site, chat with your friends, and post embarrassing pictures there.

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