A call for a visualization Twitter hashtag

The visualization community should have a de facto twitter hashtag for all things vis/infovis/vast/whateveryouwanttocallit. I find that I’m much more likely to post a link if I don’t have to blabber for a couple of paragraphs, and Twitter is perfect for that. And if we’re all posting about the same things on Twitter, we might as well decide on a hashtag. Robert Kosara’s #visweek suggestion was just about perfect, but I’m afraid #visualization is wasting too many characters. I’m fine with #vis, but it might offend the InfoVis folks (TJ, Robert: would you hashtag your posts #vis? I don’t want to have to search for #vis and #infovis, and I hate the distinction anyway)

Here are my suggestions: #visualization, #vis, #v13n.


4 responses to “A call for a visualization Twitter hashtag

  1. Don’t make it complicated. #vis is fine, as is #infovis. Twitter has Advanced Boolean Search Technology(tm), so queries like “#vis OR #infovis” are possible.

    Nobody will search for #v13n or #vis4all.

    • carlosscheidegger

      Ok. #vis, #infovis and #vast it is then? I’ll just start using that.

      • Don’t know about #vast. Vis and InfoVis are fields too, not just conferences. You could try #visualanalytics or (the rather ambiguous) #va. The good thing about vis and infovis is that they’re short and yet pretty unique in their meaning.

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